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Поведенческие факторы, которые учитывает Яндекс

Clickthrough features
Position - Position of the URL in Current ranking
ClickFrequency - Number of clicks for this query, URL pair
ClickProbability - Probability of a click for this query and URL
ClickDeviation - Deviation from expected click probability
IsNextClicked - 1 if clicked on next position, 0 otherwise
IsPreviousClicked - 1 if clicked on previous position, 0 otherwise
IsClickAbove - 1 if there is a click above, 0 otherwise
IsClickBelow - 1 if there is click below, 0 otherwise
Browsing features
TimeOnPage - Page dwell time
CumulativeTimeOnPage - Cumulative time for all subsequent pages after search
TimeOnDomain - Cumulative dwell time for this domain
TimeOnShortUrl - Cumulative time on URL prefix, no parameters
IsFollowedLink - 1 if followed link to result, 0 otherwise
IsExactUrlMatch - 0 if aggressive normalization used, 1 otherwise
IsRedirected - 1 if initial URL same as final URL, 0 otherwise
IsPathFromSearch - 1 if only followed links after query, 0 otherwise
ClicksFromSearch - Number of hops to reach page from query
AverageDwellTime - Average time on page for this query
DwellTimeDeviation - Deviation from average dwell time on page
CumulativeDeviation - Deviation from average cumulative dwell time
DomainDeviation - Deviation from average dwell time on domain
Query-text features
TitleOverlap - Words shared between query and title
SummaryOverlap - Words shared between query and snippet
QueryURLOverlap - Words shared between query and URL
QueryDomainOverlap - Words shared between query and URL domain
QueryLength - Number of tokens in query
QueryNextOverlap - Fraction of words shared with next query